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On the Power of Giving Thanks

On the Power of Giving Thanks
“Rest and be thankful.” – William Wadsworth
With the holidays just around the corner, it gives us cause to reflect and say thank you to those that have made our life experience better; be grateful for the work that we have and the blessings we have been given.
Any great business is only as good as the people employed. From the moment you hear a fantastic greeting from reception, to the thanks for your call and pleasant goodbye, it all matters. The start and the finish of that first call can make the difference in the customer’s experience with your entire team. Here at Giles Electric, we pride ourselves on that first experience.

turkey-thanksgiving-roaster-oven-2For Our Customers
We are thankful for our first-time customers and especially grateful for our longtime customers like the folks behind the restaurant group at Aunt Catfish. Fine people like Sid and Brenda Levine with whom we have built a longstanding relationship that we have cherished for many years. We are thankful for great companies such as Southern Plastics and Rubber Company that have trusted our team to provide with their service across many decades. And to our friends and fantastic contractors such as Bennett Brothers and Liston Bennett for the opportunity to build projects together for as long as we can remember. For each and every one of these… we are grateful!

For Our Families
Thanksgiving and the traditional family gathering give us pause to give thanks – for health, for a lifelong bond and for the ever-important and sometimes never-ending meal. Since this is our electrical blog… it’s our job to point out that this time can also be quite stressful. Remember to make sure before having these large get-togethers, you check your electrical panel is up to code and not overloaded. Make sure your GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are in working order. Nothing like cooking a large turkey in the oven, everyone taking hot showers, blow-dryers going in each bathroom, watching a football game on TV with lights on in every room in your house, and then, “boom… the power goes out!” We’ve all been there, done that – not fun. When this happens and you actually run an electrical contracting business it is especially disconcerting – and yes, it has happened! This again, is why we say thanks to our patient and understanding families that have helped “McGyver” a few of these glitches over the years. (Look for our holiday safety tips in our next blog.)

For Our Employees
Let’s face it, there is nothing glamorous or exciting about electrical work… it’s a tough job and somebody’s got to do it. That’s why when we receive that ever-important phone call or a small note of thanks – we are heavy with the “At A Boy” or “At A Girl” at Giles Electric! We take pride in the polished and professional manner with which our work crews represent our business. Here at Giles, we have something we call The Sunshine Report (please subscribe to our newsletter) highlighting and spotlighting those employees that go above and beyond for our clients. So, keep sending us your kind words so we can share them with our community!

For You
Thank you for taking some of your valuable time to read our blog. We’ll offer up tips to help you save time and money on your electrical needs, as well as answer some common questions many homeowners have asked. Also, we’ll keep you in the loop on some upcoming projects and some of the work that has been completed. Please remember, you are the reason we do what we do! During this busy holiday season also try to Rest, Relax and Repeat!
Happy Thankfulness Day to all!